Monday, March 16, 2015

Plants are Friends.. ♥

Lately I've been obsessed with Brandy Melville clothing but one shirt that really stands out to me is this one; 

It's so adorable but I can't find it anywhere online for a reasonable price so when I get a chance, I'll make my own. Anyways back to the post. 

Plants are Friends.
I got inspired from this shirt and 2 things happened; 

Number one; 

I made some adorable plant chokers for my poshmark & mercari shops.
Here is a link to my shop if you want to check it out; 
and my to find me on Mercari just search BasicallyBella
most items are cheaper on Mercari than on Poshmark because of fees.
I'm so happy with the way the turned out and I can't wait to make more. I made one Cactus and one Succulent choker so far. 

Number 2; 

I bought two baby Cacti  ♥
I also found this small wooden crate at Goodwill for $1.50!
Cacti ; $1.99 each at CVS
Rocks; $1 at the Dollar Tree
Pots ; 2 for $1 at the Dollar Tree
Buddha ; I already had 

So that's all for now, I thought I'd share. 

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@haleycreateskawaii cac

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