Monday, October 15, 2018

5 Important Tips & Tricks to Make Sales on Poshmark Selling App for Resellers

Cover photo

Tip # 1 ; Descriptions are worth a thousand words ;
 Be descriptive as possible when creating a listing, you never know who is looking for a specific item. Let's say you're listing this 
Find this cardigan here!
for the title I used "Brand New NWTs Chunky Fair Isle Cardigan" letting the potential buyer know that this item is brand new with the tags still attached, also letting them know the print and that it's a chunky cardigan, other words I could use in the title to help a potential buyer would be large buttons, snowflakes, Christmas, holidays, etc. If you have a lot of words that could describe the item and not enough space in the title, use it in the description because it will still show up for searches, with this example I actually used other keywords in the description.

Tip #2 ; Cover Shot 
The first thing your potential buyer sees is the cover shot of your item so make sure the photo is good quality and shows your item well, here are a few examples.

The first photo doesn't show the full item but it's aesthetically pleasing and will appeal to plenty of potential buyers, the second photo is a collage of a stock photo and an ootd type photo this shows potential buyers how the item might look on them plus gives them an outfit idea, the last one is of the item on a mannequin while showing the full item. You can also do flatlays with a plain background or with a few aesthetic items. For example let's say you're selling some workout leggings, you can lay them on a solid background and add some sneakers and headphones on the side to have a nice cover shot. I use multiple cover themes and sometimes I change all my cover shots to change up my shop and I have noticed sales increase with different covers. When I first started I used photos like the one below then started changing it up and I started making more sales. You want a photo that will catch the buyers eye.

Tip #3 ; Make Offers

Always list your items for a little more than you're wanting to make because people love deals, give yourself some wiggle room for sales or for offers. While people can send offers don't forget to take advantage of the offer to buyers feature. I've made many sales by making offers to likers. Most of the time when I'm wanting to lower the price of an item I will make offers to likers and if doesn't sell by the next day I will lower the price to new potential buyers, this will also share your item to the "price drop" page for that brand. 

Tip #4 ; SHARE! 
Everyone always recommends to share other shops listings because other shops tend to return the favor and your items will be shared with their followers. While I recommend you share items from other peoples shops, I also recommend you share your own listings. Sharing your listings will make them pop up on the brand page and will bring in new followers and potential customers plus it also keeps your shop organized, as all your active listings will be at the top of your closet. Personally I share my listings every single day, multiple times a day. If you have a little free time instead of scrolling through facebook, go share your listings and potentially make some money. 

Tips #5 ; Join the Party
 Poshmark holds 3 Parties a day and if you have items that you can share to those parties, I recommend sharing those items. When Posh holds certain parties like "Trending: Zara, Converse, Levi’s & More Party" share your Zara, Converse, & Levi's items because people in that party are looking for those specific brands. 

New to the poshmark selling app / site? Use the code BASICALLYBELLA for a $5 credit!
Want to see my page for inspiration or maybe to find some deals? Here's the link ;

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Thrifting Online | Where to Shop Preowned Clothing with Short Reviews ( ebay, Mercari, Poshmark, Swap, ThredUp & more!)

Who doesn't love thrift shopping? I personally love it and while I love going out and looking for a good deal, I can't always go out, whether its because of work, the weather, etc it's always nice to have a back up thrift shop, that's where the internet comes in. (Thank you modern technology.) 

So today I'm going to list some of my favorite online thrift stores with a little review on each site. You can find full reviews on most of these sites on my blog site. 

1. Mercari ; This is a selling app similar to ebay, it's mostly people selling stuff they don't want anymore. I love that you can make offers on everything with that being said it doesn't mean everyone negotiates but most people are selling items they want to get rid of so a lot of things are reasonably priced. 
2. Ebay ; eBay has always been a hit or miss with me, sometimes I find really great deals and other times I can't find anything that I like for a good deal. A lot of resellers use ebay so they tend to price things a bit higher than you'll find on other selling sites. 
3. Poshmark ; I love Poshmark, its another selling site where people are selling items they don't want anymore. The only downfall for Poshmark is the shipping is $6.49, it's priority shipping which is nice but when I find something for under $6 I don't always want to pay more for shipping. 
4. Swap ; I've actually been loving this site lately. I've been ordering from them for the past few weeks, religiously. They have really nice sales and the prices aren't too bad, depending on the brand. I'm not a fan on how they size things, especially pants so I mostly buy my tops from there. (Keep an eye out for a haul plus a review on my blog, I'm just waiting for my package to arrive. 
5. Schoola ; I used to shop on Schoola all the time, you can check my blog for reviews. They also have plenty of nice sales, sometimes even 50% off your total purchase which is amazing. Their items are also priced reasonable. I personally don't purchase from Schoola anymore because of a problem I encountered with their customer service and credit program but I'd still recommend checking them out.
6. ThredUp ; Another old favorite of mine, I haven't purchased from them in awhile because their prices are a bit more expensive than the other sites I've mentioned but you can find really good quality clothes on Thredup plus the customer service is nice. 
7. Vinted ; I decided to include this site as well but honestly I haven't tried it out. I made an account awhile back but I never really got on it or made any purchases but it is another site where you can thrift for clothes.

Links and Codes for FREE Credits ;
Mercari ; $10 credit
Poshmark ; Download the app and use code BASICALLYBELLA for a $5 credit
Swap ; 20% off your first order
Schoola ; $10 credit
Thredup ; $10 credit

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mercari Review + New Features and Promo Offer Free $10 Credit

Some of you may know I've bought and sold on Mercari for quite some time, years. I've had great experiences and some awful experiences.

Now with that being said, I still use Mercari for both selling and buying but I do not make large purchases. If you've read my old reviews or posts on Mercari you'll be happy to learn Mercari has made plenty of updates that help buyers and sellers, let's talk about them. 

Offers ; You can now use a "offer" button to make offers on items you're interested in. This feature has been on Ebay and Poshmark for quite some times and it's something I've always wanted Mercari to add it. This helps buyers make quick offers and it helps sellers because if an offer is made and accepted the payment is processed immediately. 

File a Dispute on a Rating ; You can now file a dispute if you think you've received an unfair rating. If someone leaves a bad rating because they didn't read the description, because the post office had delays on shipping, or some other unfair reason you can now file a dispute the rating to have it removed.

Opening Multiple Cases at Once ; I've had plenty of problems in the past where you could only contact customer service one time and then contact them again only after the first case is solved. This proved to be a nuisance if you purchase and sell a lot of items on Mercari but you don't have to deal with that anymore, you can now contact Mercari about multiple orders. 

Review ; Mercari is a great site to sell and to buy on. I do not recommend purchasing high priced items or electronics because of my past experiences. Mercari does have customer service so if you receive an item that is not as described you can return it for a refund. In order to file a claim you must contact Mercari and you can not leave a rating because that will close the order. You must also be able to prove you received an item that was not as described by sending Mercari photos.

Pros ;    
cheap selling fees
sell almost any items
offer button
customer service available for returns
rating system so buyers can see how reliable seller is
you can find great items for low prices

Cons ;
You can't purchase electronics without a risk

Now on to the Promo ; For a limited time only you can get a $10 credit for downloading the Mercari app (free) and using invite code YYSGQZ (new members only)

I'm thinking of posting a FAQ/tutorial on Mercari things, like how to request a return, etc. Would anybody be interested in these posts? If so ask some questions below that you think should be answered. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Influenster | Ralph Lauren Red Extreme Polo Cologne Review

I received the Ralph Lauren Red Extreme Polo Cologne a few weeks ago from Influenster for FREE in return for my honest review. So here's what I think of the Ralph  Lauren Red Extreme Polo Cologne.

Smells ; Amazing, it's strong but not overwhelming which I love. It's a very masculine woodsy smell in my opinion.
Lasts ; all day, the smell is long lasting.
Boyfriends thoughts ; He liked it and uses it daily.
Rating ;
Would I buy it again ; If I saw it on sale, I would definitely purchase it again but I'm not a huge fan of the price, is it worth it? Yes but it's out of my budget.

* Disclaimer ; I received this item for free from Influenster but my opinion is 100% my own.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Walgreens, Family Dollar, & Dollar General Couponing Haul | March 24, 2017

So I went to a few stores today, mostly to use some of my coupons before they expire. I went to Walgreens, Family Dollar, and Dollar General and I'm pretty happy with my purchases.

March 24, 2017 Haul

First I went to Walgreens and this is what I got ;

I ended up doing more than one transaction because I had to check if my coupon would work on the Nivea (it did) and then I decided to get 2 more Niveas and another pack of U-Kotex because after my second transaction a $3 off U-Kotex printed off.

1st Transaction ;
2 Nivea Shaving Foam

2nd Transaction ;
1 Cottonelle
1 Bic Razors
1 U-Kotex Pads

3rd Transaction ;
2 Nivea Shaving Foam
1 U-Kotex Pads

Retail Price ; $39.14
OOP ; $11.51
Saved ; $27.63

Next up I stopped by Family Dollar and got 4 packs of Bic Razors.

Retail Price ; $14.24
OOP Price ; $2.34
Saved ; $12.00

I wanted to use all my Bic coupons before they expired and Family Dollar only had 4 instock so I went to Dollar General

At Dollar General I got ;

2 Boxes of Snuggles Fabric Softener
4 Packs of Bic Razors
1 Pack of Noxzema Razors

Retail Price ; $20.33
OOP ; $4.33
Saved ; $16.00

A pretty good haul in my opinion. This was my first time shopping at Walgreens and my first time couponing at Family Dollar and Dollar General and it went pretty smoothly.

My total savings for the day ;

Retail Price ; $73.71
OOP ; $18.18
Saved ; $55.53

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Huge CVS Haul Spent $29, Saved $110 [ ad 3/19/17-3/25/17 ]

 I decided to go couponing again, I did three different transactions and my total OOP was $28.84 which was a little more than I was wanting to spend but I did save a total of $110.61 so I can't complain too much.

Transaction # 1 ;

2 Bottles of Tresemme Shampoo/Conditioner
2 Bottles of Dove Shampoo/Conditioner
4 Boxes of Kleenex Tissues
5 Bottles of Palmolive Dish Detergent
4 Bottles of Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent
1 Colgate Mouthwash
1 Oral B Toothbrush 2pack
2 Colgate Toothpastes
1 Greeting Card

Total OOP After Coupons ; $19.17

Transaction # 2 ;

1 Colgate Mouthwash
1 O'ral B Toothbrush 2pack
2 Simple Facial Wipes
1 Rimmel London Mascara

Total OOP after coupons and ecbs ; $1.63

Transaction # 3 ;

1 Swiffer Starter Kit

Total OOP after coupons & ecbs ; $8.04

If needed I can do a breakdown of all the coupons I used, just comment below I had a good amount of Crts and after the first transaction I rolled over 14ecbs, then I got back 6 more ecbs. I ended with 0ecbs but I should get some Beauty Bucks within the next few days.

Original Price ; $139.45
My OOP ; $28.84
I Saved ; $110.61

All in all, it was a good haul, the Swiffer is what took the price up quite a bit but it was needed so I'm still happy with my purchases.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Why I Don't Shop on Schoola Anymore | Schoola Review / Exposing Schoola

If you don't know what Schoola is, it's a site that sells preowned clothing. The thing I loved about Schoola was that it donated 40% (or so I thought) of the proceeds to schools across America.  I also liked that you could get credits through referring friends and they would get credits as well. I was obsessed with Schoola at first, I placed tons of orders and spent tons of money. I love thrift shopping and thrift shopping from home was even better.

But then Schoola started making changes, at first I was onboard with the changes, it wasn't a big deal to me, companies change as they get bigger.

Well then they started raising the prices on items, some items you could literally get brand new for the price they were asking, and yes I know they donate a percentage to schools but people that typically thrift shop don't have that kind of money to spend on a preowned item, but I stayed on Schoola and just decided not to purchase overpriced items, I figured I could still enjoy Schoola.

Then I started getting flawed items, I know Schoola advertises some items as "blemished" but these were items not marked as "blemished" and they flaws were huge. Stains, holes, etc. Of course I notified Schoola and they refunded my money but it's still a let down, ordering something you want, only to get it, and it has to be thrown out.

I received one order that two high priced items came in completely faded and one had bleach stains so I contacted Schoola and sent them photos, they refunded my money in credits because half of my order was with paid credits and everything seemed okay until I got an email from Schoola about a promotion, so I went to check out the sale, I had $37 in credits so I figured I could get some good deals, wrong. I actually went through their page and added a few items in my cart but when I went to check out I noticed my credits weren't showing up, so I went to the referral/credits page and saw that all my credits "expired". Schoola never told me that credits expire, they never did before so I had no idea. I decided to email Schoola, asking when this started and if they could refund the credits since they never let me know about this change and the customer service woman was rude. She told me no and that I should have known and they will not refund the money because they are trying to raise money for schools. So I was pretty much done with Schoola at this point. I wrote a simple email asking about why my credits disappeared and the representative was not professional in her reply.

Then I started to do some research and found a lot of people have had horrible experiences with Schoola, mostly the schools donating to them, you can find complaints here ; 
I also realized Schoola is lying about how much money that's getting donated, they claim on their page that 40% of your purchase will be donated to schoola

but if you add items and look in your cart it shows the amount being donated and it's clearly not 40% even before shipping.

So I went on Schoola to delete my account but the sites FAQs state that you can't delete your account, you can just quit using it and make it "inactive" so that's what I'll be doing.

Have you been having problems with Schoola? If so tell your story below?

Or do you love Schoola? If so, why, share your story below?