Thursday, September 22, 2016

Target Review ; Horror Story Turned Good with Pictures! | Threshold Schoolhouse Crosby Lamp

I just got a package from Target, this is my first time ordering from Target so I didn't know what to expect.  I can not explain the excitement I had to open this package, to get my gorgeous Threshold Lamp. I have stalked this lamp for months, hoping for a sale within my price range and it happened one night, I couldn't sleep and was browsing online for décor and I decided to price check a few items, the lamp was on sale for $24.99, the cheapest I'd seen it for was $29.99 so I decided to order it and I was so happy because it went off sale the next day.

The FedEx guy knocked on the door and left the package, all seemed well. I brought the package in and noticed it seemed rather large to be just a lamp but I figured it was just great packaging, boy was I wrong.

I opened the package and the packaging was horrible, no manufacturer box, barely any bubble wrap and some air bags that didn't even fill the entire box so the lamp could easily bump around. I pulled the lamp out and noticed it was hanging weird, but I figured I just needed to adjust it but again I was wrong. After taking the bubble wrap off of the lamp shade I noticed a huge crack around the post, it broke completely in half, I'll also mention that the lamp had scratches all over the black parts, I honestly could have lived with that but you'd think they would ship it in more protection. I was livid about the packaging, this could have been avoided, there was so many more ways this could have been packaged with protection so that I wouldn't get a broken lamp.

I dread customer service, I hate talking on the phone and emailing is too slow. I thought about emailing them but then decided calling would be better, its faster and I could just get it over with. So I took a few deep breathes to calm down, told myself to remember the person that answers the phone did not package/ship this order, it's not their fault. I called customer service and the call was connected pretty fast. The representative was very nice and asked what the problem was and even asked about the shipping/packaging. I explained everything to her and she was quick to come up with a solution. She ordered me a replacement and told there would be no extra charges and just to throw the other lamp out since it was completely broken.  Now I'm waiting on the replacement. I was amazed at how well the representative took care of the problem, she left feedback to Target about the shipping and packaging and she apologized for the inconvenience and wished me a happy morning.

So this horror story was quickly resolved with a great customer care service. I'll add an update to this review once I receive my replacement, fingers crossed that this lamp is packaged well.


My replacement lamp came in, this time they shipped through UPS instead of FedEx but I don't really think that mattered, I think it had to do with the packaging. This time it came in a smaller box with more air bags but no bubble wrap, but it was not broken so can I really complain? There was a few light scratches and a very tiny dent around the lamp shade but it's not too noticeable. For some reason it doesn't go as high as the picture shows, so it's not that good of a lamp in my opinion. For looks its nice. I placed it on some books to make it go a little bit above my pc.

My step dad also tried gluing the other lamp back together and after awhile he succeeded but it's still fragile so I use it just for looks but for comparison here it is on my desk with no books. I guess he glued it in the wrong the place because it's much higher than the new one.

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