Monday, October 3, 2016

Swagbucks | Review + How to Get Free Giftcards / Earn More Swagbucks

I've used Swagbucks off and on for a few years, but I quit awhile back because I didn't have the time to deal with. I decided to start up again to earn giftcards to purchase items for my house and gifts. I love that its free money, all you have to do is do some offers, play some games, or answer some surveys. I've gotten plenty of giftcards in the past and I recently just ordered a $25 ebay card, I'm just waiting for them to email me my code. I recommend Swagbucks to anyone that has free time on their hands and doesn't care to complete a few tasks to earn some free cash.

Let's talk about what kind of gift cards you can get. They have Paypal, Ebay, Amazon, Xbox, Walmart, Target, and more. The amounts differ from $3-$500. I normally go for the $25 ones, your first one every month is only 2,200 points instead of the usual 2,500.

Now let's move on to the offers there is discover, games, videos, surveys, polls, and more. I'm going to post a daily list of things I like to do to get my points up fast. I do more on days I have more time but I try to at least do these tasks daily.

1. Daily Poll ; the daily poll is only worth 1 sbs but it's literally one question.

2. Games ;  I always play 20 (free) games to get 10 sbs, you don't have to get a high score. You get 2 sbs for every other game but can only get a maximum of 10 per day. I always play "Swag Jump" or "Swag Run". S

3. nGage ; on the home page you will see an offer that says nGage, you'll get 3 sbs for completing this offer. Personally I do this a few times per day, normally while I'm browsing online, I'll click this offer and randomly switch between screens to click on the " Next Page" button on the nGage screen. You can earn quite a few swagbucks with this offer.

4. Watch ; watching videos is also a great way to earn swagbucks, if you're going to be home you can always click on a playlist and then do things that need to be done while you wait for the playlist to end. I also have the watch tab up while I'm playing online, every so often I go check to see if the video has been "watched" long enough then I'll click on the next video to speed up the process.

5. Search ; I don't normally use this option but I try to search at least twice a day, I just search random things, sometimes you'll get swagbucks.

6. Daily Goal ; another thing I like to do is get the daily swagbucks goal, you get extra swagbucks from getting it plus at the end of the month you'll get more free swagbucks, I wasn't active a lot this month but I still earned 72 extra swagbucks.

If you're wanting to join swagbucks, feel free to join with my referrer link ;
sometimes they have special offers where you'll earn extra swagbucks through referral links.

Also if anyone is interested I can post videos on how to earn swagbucks daily. Kind of like a swagbucks vlog.