Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mercari Horror Stories / Review | The Laptop Incident

I've decided to start a series of Mercari horror stories from my personal experiences. But let it be known after these experiences I still buy / sell on Mercari because it a source of income for me and I still find amazing deals. So I can not blame Mercari on my misfortune as I've continued to buy/sell on there and I know there are problems on all selling platforms. Along the way I've learned my lesson with each horrible experience.

So this happens to be the WORST purchase I've ever made on Mercari. I bought a laptop, before purchasing it I asked the seller if there was any issues, etc. Most of my questions focused on overheating because my previous laptop crashed due to over heating. The seller assured me that it didn't overheat and it was in great condition. So I placed my order and waited to receive my almost new laptop. Before I even got the laptop the seller started telling me to rate her, when it comes to electronics I like to check them out for a few hours before I leave a rating so I told her I would leave a rating as soon as I got the laptop and checked it out. When I received it everything seemed fine, it was packaged well but I had to charge it before I could check it out. The first red flag I noticed was the serial number was scratched off, making me wonder if it was a stolen laptop, this seller was selling a lot of laptops but I figured they owned a laptop store or something, but I pushed the issue to the side and started charging the laptop. After awhile I went to turn the laptop, it had been restored and everything was going great but within minutes it started overheating, I couldn't even use it for 30 minutes because it was so hot that I had to turn it off. I contacted the seller and was immediately attacked with messages. She called me a liar and scammer. She immediately started making new listings on Mercari saying me and another buyer was trying to scam her, although I told her I just wanted to return the laptop for a refund via Mercari since she lied about the condition. The other buyer was also complaining about the condition and serial number being removed as well for the pc she bought, so I knew it wasn't just me. Since the seller was cussing at me and calling me names I just contacted Mercari and didn't reply to the seller at all. I sent Mercari pictures of everything they asked for included screen shots of the sellers messages and listing but in the end they said no to my return request because they couldn't see the laptop overheating. I was livid obviously you can't see a laptop overheating and I felt that Mercari should have protected me more as the buyer. I decided to delete all my listings and I stopped buying on Mercari for a few months. But I decided to start selling on Mercari again to make money.

Lesson learned ; Don't make huge purchases on Mercari, I lost a lot of money, the laptop ended up crashing a few months later. I no longer spend a lot of money on Mercari and I don't purchase electronics, it's not worth the risk. If something happens that's not "visible" I will be out of the money.

Stay tuned for more Mercari stories.

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