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How to Make More Sales on Poshmark | Tips & Tricks | + Short Updated Review

Are you not making any sales on Poshmark or are you thinking about selling on Posh and you're not sure how to make sales? Well fear not because I have a couple tips/tricks to help you out.

A short review ; I've been selling on Poshmark for around 2 years and I've earned a total of $1,159, it doesn't seem like a lot but I also sell on other selling platforms and when I first started selling on Poshmark I only listed a few items and I let them sit, I didn't know how to help myself gain more sales but over the years I've picked up on some tricks and some sales. I'm very happy with Poshmark as it's simple to use and they have a friendly customer base. (I also sell on Mercari, see my review here)

Now Posh has a pretty simple set up so I'll be giving you tip for each progress of listing/selling your items.

Listing your items ;
The very first most important thing is taking good photos. Especially with the cover shot because that's the first thing the buyer sees. I have a little process for my photos and I've changed it up over time. I will add in some photos from my personal page for example and add tips.

So when I first started selling on Poshmark I started out with collage photos. Some were cute, other not so much. I do not recommend this, you want to post many photos of your item but you don't want them all together, these photos would have been fine separated and added to a listing. Also notice not all of the item is in the photo, that's okay but you do need to have at least one photo with the full item.

 After awhile I started posting more photos but randomally, this only I posted a modeled photo and a close up of any flaws which is something to keep in mind, if your item has a flaw, add photos AND mention it in the description. You don't want an unhappy buyer returning  an item because you failed to mention the condition.

Cover Shots - Make sure your cover shot is something catchy, here are a few examples of my cover shot

I've used photos from google search which is great because the buyer can see the item modeled or maybe they've seen the exact photo on tumblr or pinterest.

I've also used photos of items laying on a solid blanket and of the item hung up on the wall, these are nice because they are simple backgrounds that help bring the eye to the item you are selling.

I've also used model pics, of me wearing the item to show how it fits.
These are all pretty good cover shots to draw a buyer in. Notice some of my photos are edited, I mess with the lighting/contrast because I personally like the aesthetic, this is optional but always mention it in the description with something like *please note that the cover photo has been edited so the color is different, please see other photos for better lighting and note that color might appear different on different screens/etc.

I now take a photo of the item on  mannequin (tops/dresses/skirts/scarves) or hanging on a wall. I also like to keep the area around my mannequin cute and basic. Here is an example ;

You see the full item and it's not too busy of  a  photo but it does catch the eye fast.

So basically have the full item in the picture, get a nice cover shot to draw buyers in and always mention any flaws.

Now on to the title and description, for the title you want to include as much info as possible. Here are a few examples ;

 For these Lululemon pants the title is "Lululemon | Bust a Move Pant" for brands like Lululemon if you know the name of item, always include it in the title because some people are looking for specific items.

Another great example is this sweater, the title is "Peter Pan Collar Maroon Sweater" which describes this sweater pretty well, another word I could have added next to Maroon would be Burgundy if there was room.

Now on to the description, I personally like to have a copy and paste note saved in my phone that I post on every listing it used to be ;

🚫 No Trades 🚫
📦 Fast Shipping 📦
💵 Open to Offers 💵
💕 Willing to Bundle 💕

then it went to ;

 ➵ Price is Firm
➵ Pet free home
➵ Not a smoke free home
➵ Ask questions before purchasing

now it's at ;

➵ Pet free home
➵ Smoke free home
➵ Ask questions before purchasing

So notes from these three different descriptions would be ; if you are from a smoking home, put it in the description, I personally don't smoke but I lived in a home where there was smokers and got complaints of the smell, I never noticed the smell because I was constantly around smokers, then I got my own apartment which I don't allow smoking in and when a family member comes over that smokes, I automatically notice the smell. So even if you don't smoke, but there is a smoker in the house, mention it. Now that I'm in  a new apartment I like to put "Smoke free home" to let buyers know they won't have to worry about the smell, it also helps get more buyers, especially people with asthma who can't be around smoke. Also mention if it's a pet free home or dog / cat friendly home because of pet hair. You can always say something like "Cat friendly house which may result in some cat hair but I wash all items before shipping" this helps buyers that are allergic know they can't buy from you or they can risk it but they know what to expect. You don't want someone buying something and having an allergic reaction. I sometimes add "open to offers" on my listings but people make offers most of the time anyways so it's not really needed. You could also add "fast shipping" if you ship within 1-2 days. Another thing is to add whether you do bundles or not, although Posh now has a bundle feature some buyers still like for people to list a bundle listing.

More great things to include in descriptions is size, fit, and flaws. Here is a great examples of a good description.

I've added the brand, size, measurements, and a brief description. A big tip when listing pants is adding the waist and inseam, because most people will ask about it and it helps buyers better with sizing, especially since all jeans fit different. I also like to include a photo showing how to get the waist/inseam measurements because some people don't know what the measurements are and I personally know how that feels, I always got so confused when people asked for the inseam but after a quick google search I found out.

More tips for the description that they ask  ;

Always select the right answer for each item, it helps people when searching.
Always select the color(s) of the item, incase someone search for "blue sweater"  yours just might pop up. For the original price, if you forgot it don't worry either put a similar price or just put a 0.
A really nice thing about Posh is they show you how much you will earn after the item has sold.

What to do after you've created your listings ;

Have you listed all your items and you're not getting any likes or making any sales? Well here are some tips to help afterwards.

1. Share your listings;  This helps take your item back to the top of the brand page. I like to share my items whenever I'm bored, instead of stalking facebook or Instagram I like to share listings. This also helps all your sold listings to stay at the bottom of the page, so that new customers can go through your listings and not have to see random sold items because after a few sold items they will just assume everything else is sold.

2. Share other peoples listings ; Most people do share for share which means if you go share 3 of their items they will probably share 3 of yours. (not everyone does this) I personally make sure to share other peoples listings when they've shared mine. Also look for pages with more followers when they share your listing it will be to a bigger audience.

3. Share to social media ; Mainly Pinterest, when I'm looking up stuff on Pinterest I always see Posh listings so I tend to share mine a lot because you never know who is looking up outfit ideas and notice your item and boom new customer. Just create a board called Poshmark or Poshmark Finds, etc.

4. Share to parties ; I know you're probably thinking, I get it, share all listings everywhere but it really does help. If you see a party is happening, share as many listings as you can, as often as you can because it really does help, you'll notice after sharing listings to a party, other people will share your listings.

Do you have any tips or tricks of your own? Comment them down below!
Also let me know if this helped you any? And should I do another post on selling on other platforms like ebay or mercari?

If you're new to Poshmark, feel free to use my invite code BMSYH for a free $5 credit when sigining up for Poshmark via the app.

Old video I posted about Poshmark ;

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you've enjoyed this post and got some tips to help you make some sales.

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