Saturday, September 10, 2016

DIY | Autumn Moodboard Tutorial + Groovebook Review & Free Photo Book!

Autumn is right around the corner and I'm pretty excited.
I've already brought out all my sweaters and started making adorable autumn themed décor items.
Here is one of my favorite creations so far ;
a autumn themed moodboard

This is great to stay inspired and I just love seeing the photographs hanging above my desk


 Supplies ;
Cup of Water
Paint Brush
& Photos ( from groovebook, your printer, or magazines)

Don't forget you can add random things to spice your board up, after filming this I added some images from magazines, fabric, twine, and other little items I found around.

Get a free groovebook by using promo code JENKINS7582 

* Groovebook review ; this was actually my first groovebook I ordered and I am pretty satisfied with the quality. I ordered this with the intentions of using the photos for a DIY project so most of the photos I uploaded were from pinterest and google but I did send in some personal photos taken from my phone, there is a difference in quality but this is because of my phone, not Groovebook. With that being said the photos from my phone were still good quality as seen in the photo below. I will continue to use Groovebook because the price is great and I love the idea of getting a book of photos every month for just $3. It's great for personal photos, photos for moodboards/inspiration, and photos for DIY projects.

What is Groovebook? Groovebook is an app you download to your phone for free, their books are $3 per month (but you can get your first one free with promo code JENKINS7582) and they send you a book with 100 photos. The photos can be ripped out or kept in the book, that's up to you because they come with easy to rip edges. If you can't find 100 photos to print, fear not because they will actually just send you duplicates.

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