Friday, January 8, 2016

I n f l u e n s t e r | #JingleVoxBox | Kiss Lashes & Adhesive Glue Review

KISS Lashes False Eyelashes in Posh and Adhesive Glue with Aloe in Black 

I recently got to try out some Kiss Lashes and Kiss Adhesive thanks to Influenster. If you want to check influenster out, see the bottom of this post for more info.

As you can see me and these lashes didn't get along. The right one was a little hard to get on but nothing compared to the left lashes. The Adhesive Glue comes out in clumps and is very hard to work with. I've included some photos to show how these lashes looked after I tried them on. The photo above shows me wearing the lashes. 

  As you can see in this photo, I barely squeezed the tube and out came a glob. This adhesive might work better if you put it on a flat surface, but since I only had one pair of lashes and the adhesive messed up the actual lashes I couldn't try it again. 

Another thing I did not like about the adhesive is that its black, in theory this seems great but in reality the black smeared all over my eye when I was trying to get them on, messing up my makeup.

Would I recommend these lashes to someone else?
Yes, they are very affordable and for someone that applies lashes regularly, I'm sure it would be much easier.

Would I recommend the adhesive to someone else?
No, its too messy. I want to be able to just put the lashes on and go, not have to redo my make up or removed black adhesive from my eyes/face. 

DISCLAIMER ; Influnster sent me this box of items for free in return for my own honest opinion. 
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