Thursday, December 25, 2014

How to Raise Your Influenster Score and Get More Voxboxes Tips and Tricks

  If you are reading this post you probably already have an Influenster account, if you do not, you can join here;
I am going to go over the basics of how to raise your score on Influenster. You'll want to raise it so you can qualify for more voxboxes. If you don't know what Influenster is you can learn more here; Blog About Influenster 

1. Link Your Social Media Accounts to Influenster; Linking your accounts will help Influenster see your impact on social media accounts. I would recommend you add as many social media networks as you have. I personally think Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the main ones, since Influenster normally give you tasks for voxboxes that have to do with these main networks. It may take a day or two for your score to go up after you link your account so be patient if it doesn't automatically go up. 

2. Answer All Your Snaps; These are mostly them just asking you to link your social media accounts as well, if you don't have the network they are asking for just click skip. 

3. Unlock Badges; You'll want to unlock as many Expert and Lifestyle Badges as possible. Fill out any surveys and review items in each category to be eligible for voxboxes that have to do with each badge. The more you do, the more likely you are to be included in a voxbox.

4. Regularly Check for Campaigns; Sometimes you will be invited to do Virtual Voxboxes, you won't receive anything at first but you may later on. For example, in the next photo you'll notice the eBay Campaigns, these are virtual. I've completed all three available and so far I have received two codes by email for $10 eBay gift cards and I am currently waiting on a $25 one via email

5. Review Items You Already Own; When you review items you get points towards badges which make you more likely to be picked for boxes. When I'm bored I'll go around my room with a small basket and throw some items in it, hair products, make up, etc and I will look them up on Influenster and leave reviews. I will also purchase items and review them after a week or so of having them. You get 5 points towards badges when you leave reviews. For example I just left a review for a NYX Hd Studio Foundation  and I got 5 points for the Beauty Badge. 

6. Ask/Answer Questions; After you've left a review for something, check out the questions on the products page and if you can, answer some. Also if you're wanting to know something about a product before purchasing it, go on the products page and ask it. Here is a photo where I got 5 more points towards my Beauty Badge for answering someones question. 

7. Complete Tasks for Boxes You've Already Received; If you have received a voxbox make sure you complete the tasks, you want to do all the Brand Tasks, each task will give X amount of points towards your main score. 

You can also do the other tasks, these points won't be worth as much points, but every point counts. 

Also just be patient and remember you have to put in work to get items. If you have a popular blog or youtube, you will probably be qualified for many voxboxes without too much work but for other people, myself included, you get what you put in. 
Another tip; Add Influenster to your VIP/favorites in your email so that any emails from them will automatically pop up. I did this awhile back so that when I get surveys for boxes, I am automatically notified and I can complete them asap. Also that way I don't forget to check my email and miss out. 

If you have any questions; feel free to leave them in the comments and I will answer them.
Thanks <3 


  1. I have a ton of followers on Poshmark, do you know of anyway to translate those to raising my impact score?

  2. I do not see campains on my app on my phone. do I have to be on a computer?