Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thredup Updated Review + $20 Credit

Since I've purchased from Thredup 14 times and I'm about to place my 15th order within the next few days I figured I'd make an updated review on Thredup. 

Thredup is basically an online consignment shop with women and kids clothes, along with some accessories, and shoes. There are many name brands on Thredup and some really amazing deals.

I personally sell online so I know what prices most brands go for when being used or even used with flaws that being said I think most of Thredup's prices are very reasonable and fair. For example I love Free People, I found a rare Free People thermal on Thredup for $24, on ebay it was selling for around $90, I also found a famous Free People Voile and Lace Trapeze dress on Thredup for $18, they sell on Ebay, Mercari, and Poshmark for $40+ I can not describe the excitement I got from finding it because I'd been wanting one forever and I wasn't willing to spend $40+ on a used dress (note; they retail for $88). Another brand for example is Lululemon, I haven't personally bought Lulu from Thredup but their pants and shirts are typically $35 each, now on other sites pants are around $50+ but you can get tanks for around $25. Lululemon jackets are $50 on Thredup and around $60 on other sites. They also sell Brandy Melville for super cheap, I'm talking $5-$10, I know Brandy Melville is pretty cheap in general but from selling on Mercari and Posh, I realize once a popular item is completely sold out girls are willing to pay to double to triple the retail price. I found some adorable Brandy Melville bohemian pants for $10, while at the time they were selling for around $30 plus shipping.

 I also think their shipping prices are very reasonable, about $5-$6 and if you spend $150 in one month you'll get free shipping for the entire next month. They ship pretty fast too, my orders normally ship within 1-3 business days and arrive within 3 days. All orders are neatly packaged and big orders come in the cutest boxes, I personally save all my polka dotted Thredup boxes for storage for art supplies, etc. 

So far out of all 14 orders I have only had one problem, a gorgeous Free People dress I ordered came with beads falling off it and I don't mean 1-2 beads, I mean like 50 beads rolling around the box, I emailed Thredup and the issue was resolved that day. The customer service representative was very nice and quick to help me resolve the issue and I can honestly say it was the best customer care service I've received in awhile. 

So would I recommend others to Thredup? Most definitely, not only are you getting amazing deals but you know you get what you're ordering or your money back. I've been addicted to Thredup for awhile now, I even have to app so I get discount codes Mon-Wed plus I can browse their new items awhile I'm out and about and bored. 

If you're thinking of checking Thredup out, you can join with my link and get $10 off your first 2 orders, thats $20 of credits, FREE!

Disclaimer, while I adore Thredup I have never sent items in to Thredup because 1. I personally sell on other websites and 2. from my research they pay out very little, even for high brand items. If you're thinking about sending in some items, be sure to do your research. You can google Thredup reviews, check out Thredup's social media pages, and ask people questions about their experience when sending in bags.

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