Thursday, August 13, 2015

How to Get the Best Deals When Shopping for Clothes

I love fashion, I could shop all day but I'm also on a tight budget and over the past few years I've learned quite a few tips and tricks on how to get the best deals. Today I'm going to share with you those tips and tricks, plus I'll add some links so you'll get free credit, and possibly even FREE clothes, at the bottom of the page.

Thrifting ; I know plenty of people who find thrift shopping gross or they just can't deal with the idea of wearing someone elses clothes but I love thrift shopping, I've found some of my favorite items while thrifting and for great prices. Now you can stick to local places, I live in a small city and we only have two Goodwills and no actual thrift stores so I also thrift online. Again I live in a small city so there's alot of brands I love (Free People, Brandy  Melville, Etc) that they don't sell around here so I normally get those brands online. There are plenty of online thrift stores; ebay, poshmark, mercari, thredup, schoola, and more.

Couponing; I love Victoria's Secret but I don't always love their prices so I normally only shop when they are having a big sale or at least giving out rewards cards, last year I got around 20 Secret Reward Cards (I placed a few orders when they were giving out 2 per order) and I used all my cards when they were offering free shipping, I also make sure to use any free pantie coupons I've gotten as well. You can sign up on Victoria's Secret site for catalogs and they will occasionally send you coupons. I also always check for online coupons when placing an order online. 

Set a Limit; Whenever I'm making a list of what I'm wanting to purchase or what I'm looking for I always set a limit of what I'm will to pay. For basic items I normally just get them while thrifting because they will cost around $3-$5. If its a certain item from a certain brand and I'm not willing to pay retail I look around online to compare prices for sold items so that I know what the item normally goes for and I base it off that.

Buy and Sell; I have alot of clothes, and I truly mean ALOT, so I sell some of the clothes I never wear or ones I get for a good deal that I know someone else might want. I used to sell on ebay and facebook but now I only sell on Poshmark and Mercari. Both apps have their pros and cons, you can find my post on Mercari VS Poshmark for more detailed information. If you do decide to sell on any selling site make sure you research your items, some items will go for a decent price, especially certain brands that sellout of items fast, for example most Free People thermals with designed cuffs sell for $40+ used, some even sell for $100+ when they retail for $68. This helps you declutter your closet or even just get rid of clothes you never wear. I normally set a monthly goal for myself, like sell $150-$100 worth of clothes then I can buy myself something nice for under $30, this also helps me save money as well. If you don't want to sell online see if you have a Platos Closet close by and take it there to sell them.

Now its time for free money ; 

Thredup - Get a $20 credit (limited time) when you join through this link ;

Schoola - Get a $15 credit when you join through this link (also get a $10 credit when you make your first collection) ;

Mercari ; Use invite code YYSGQZ for a $2 credit.

Poshmark ; Use referral code BMSYH for a $5 credit. 


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