Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My First Like Twice Haul / Orders + Free $10 credit & 50% off Coupon Code

I absolutely love thrift shopping so I when I heard about Twice I knew I'd have to check it out and I'm so glad that I did. A friend let me use her referral code that gave us both $10 for free! I started browsing the site and noticed they had tons of cute items and all name brand. I also did my research before placing my order to find only good reviews about how they only accept items in perfect condition. So I decided to place my order. 

Link for FREE $10 Credit ; https://www.liketwice.com/e0gDp/
Go here and watch the video and answer the short quiz for a 50% Off Coupon Code ; https://www.liketwice.com/buyer-quiz/?utm_source=facebook&utm_discount=3530

With my first order I decided to use my $10 and a 50% off coupon code and just got a pair of Burgundy Maroon shorts. They arrived after I filmed the video of the second order so they won't be in my video. For my first order I only paid 43 cents! Sadly the shorts did not fit me so I will be giving them to a friend that they will fit. 
With the second order I shared my referral link and had some friends sign up so I decided to place another order. I got a total of 9 items, 2 which were for my mother. Most of it was Brandy Melville items because I adore Brandy Melville but I don't have Brandy shop near me. So I was pretty excited to get my package. It arrived in just 5 days which wasn't so bad, the shorts took 9 days to get here. I noticed a lot of people complain about the wait but I didn't mind, I was super excited to get my items but where I have an online shop I know how shipping can be. 

I will post photos of how the clothes looked on Twice's site and a video of the items I got and a bit about my review for each product.

I'll start with what I got for my mother.
I noticed they had Levi's Jeans and for great prices. My
mother is very picky when it comes to jeans so I just had to get her some but I couldn't make my mind up about these two pairs so I decided to get her both pairs. She loves them, they fit her perfectly. I love the fact that Twice has the measurements for each item, it really helped me pick her sizes.  The jeans both are in great condition and look practically new. Both Levi's was $16.95 each, such a great deal for the condition they are in.

I also got some Brandy Melville tops and a skirt. These two Brandy Melville items are my favorite so far. This cropped sweater came NWT and was only $11.95, the skirt was only $10.95. I love how soft the sweater is and I've always wanted a skirt from Brandy Melville.

The last two Brandy Melville items I got was a cute Black Button Down Tank Top for $9.95 an a Grey Batwing Crop Top for $11.95. I love how cute an simple these items are. 

The next item was a Zara Olive Button Up, I've been wanting an army green top and I love how this one has cute gold stud buttons. Normally button downs aren't for me but I decided to just get it to give it a try since I'm trying to be more out there with my style and I'm glad that I did. I can't wait to create looks for my lookbook with this top. This was only $12.95. 

 The next item I got was this cute White Knit Hollister Top for only $12.95. I love how this can be worn in the summer or layered up for winter. 

For this Roxy Grey Knit Sweater I was extremely excited to get it because its Sweater Weather here in West Virginia but I took a leap with this one because it's a size XL, I figured I could wear it with a baggy look but the neck is way too big and falls off me so I am giving it to my sister.  It was only $11.95.

Now for Twice I really do recommend it for anyone that likes thrift shopping or for ladies on a budget. I like it so much that I have 5 more orders on their way to me. I have been stalking the site like crazy looking for Brandy Melville items and Sweaters. I loved everything that I've received so far, everything came in great condition.

Twice also worked with me when I had a problem with the site. Some of my referral credits were taken from my account and their customer service was quick to figure out the problem, someone close to me signed up and the system thought I had more than one account per household, which is not allowed, but they fixed the problem within 24 hours. 

I will be posting a lookbook later on using all the items I received that fit me and I will be posting another haul video when my other 5 orders arrive so be on the look out for those. 

Link for FREE $10 Credit ; https://www.liketwice.com/e0gDp/

Go here and watch the video and answer the short quiz for a 50% Off Coupon Code ; https://www.liketwice.com/buyer-quiz/?utm_source=facebook&utm_discount=3530

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