Saturday, January 3, 2015

Join Twice and Get a FREE $10 Credit + 50% off Code

Join Twice & Get Great Deals.
Twice sells used but in great condition name brand clothes, they have a wide variety of brands like Hollister, Abercrombie, J. Crew, Coach, Calvin Klein, Steve Madden, and even Prada. This is great for ladies on a budget or for those of you who want to save money and be fashionable. 

Get a $10 Credit when you join here;

Get a Coupon Code for 50% off when you watch this video and answer the short quiz;

Also earn more credit by downloading the Twice App on an Apple Product, you can do this up to 3 times, getting you another $30 Credit
If you find something you like under $9.95 and you use the 50% off coupon plus the $10 credit, you'll get it FREE, who doesn't like free? You don't even have to put in your credit card or paypal info. When you put in your address just click on pay with paypal then hit continue. 
I just got some cute Abercrombie Shorts and only paid 43 cents from my paypal account.

You can also send in your clothes you don't want anymore and get more store credit to get more clothes. So when its time to clean out those clothes, why not send them in and switch them out for more clothes! 

Such a great site and you'll love the deals.
I will be sending in some clothes soon and I will blog about that, plus do a haul video after I order more items. Check out Twice, you really won't regret it. 

Please keep in mind that you can only have one account per household. If you create more than one account per household they will take away your credits and cancel your order. 

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