Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mercari Review + New Features and Promo Offer Free $10 Credit

Some of you may know I've bought and sold on Mercari for quite some time, years. I've had great experiences and some awful experiences.

Now with that being said, I still use Mercari for both selling and buying but I do not make large purchases. If you've read my old reviews or posts on Mercari you'll be happy to learn Mercari has made plenty of updates that help buyers and sellers, let's talk about them. 

Offers ; You can now use a "offer" button to make offers on items you're interested in. This feature has been on Ebay and Poshmark for quite some times and it's something I've always wanted Mercari to add it. This helps buyers make quick offers and it helps sellers because if an offer is made and accepted the payment is processed immediately. 

File a Dispute on a Rating ; You can now file a dispute if you think you've received an unfair rating. If someone leaves a bad rating because they didn't read the description, because the post office had delays on shipping, or some other unfair reason you can now file a dispute the rating to have it removed.

Opening Multiple Cases at Once ; I've had plenty of problems in the past where you could only contact customer service one time and then contact them again only after the first case is solved. This proved to be a nuisance if you purchase and sell a lot of items on Mercari but you don't have to deal with that anymore, you can now contact Mercari about multiple orders. 

Review ; Mercari is a great site to sell and to buy on. I do not recommend purchasing high priced items or electronics because of my past experiences. Mercari does have customer service so if you receive an item that is not as described you can return it for a refund. In order to file a claim you must contact Mercari and you can not leave a rating because that will close the order. You must also be able to prove you received an item that was not as described by sending Mercari photos.

Pros ;    
cheap selling fees
sell almost any items
offer button
customer service available for returns
rating system so buyers can see how reliable seller is
you can find great items for low prices

Cons ;
You can't purchase electronics without a risk

Now on to the Promo ; For a limited time only you can get a $10 credit for downloading the Mercari app (free) and using invite code YYSGQZ (new members only)

I'm thinking of posting a FAQ/tutorial on Mercari things, like how to request a return, etc. Would anybody be interested in these posts? If so ask some questions below that you think should be answered. 

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  1. HI! Just found your blog searching for differences on Ebay & Mercari. I like your posts this is the third one of yours I have read. Keep it up great content! You have encouraged me to venture into selling on Mercari. I've sold on Ebay but the fees are tricky and I don't want to have to keep paying for every month my listing is up or however they structure it. Anyway thanks for the help! -Jennifer