Wednesday, March 1, 2017

First Try at Couponing | CVS Haul from Sunday Coupons 2/26 | 13 Items for $14

I've always liked couponing and I've dabbled in it here and there but Saturday I decided I wanted to go shopping and stock up on a few items so Saturday night I went on Google and searched for an early view of the Sunday paper to see if there were any good coupons, there were so Sunday I purchased a paper.

That evening I cut out all the coupons and began researching who had the best deals. I'm in a few couponing groups on facebook, I checked The Krazy Coupon Lady Blog, and I looked at the weekly add on I figured out I'd go to CVS since they stack coupons and they offer extra care bucks on some purchases. I decided on what to get and I made a list, I had to do 3 transactions but they were small so I was okay with that as long as CVS wasn't busy.

Before going in I checked the CVS app and saw I had $5 extra care bucks and a coupon for laundry detergent, which I was going to purchase so I sent it over. I got 3 envelopes and listed out what I was buying per transaction and then stuck the coupons for each purchase inside. I added an extra envelope with a back up plan of a smaller order if some coupons didn't print from the CVS catalina/redbox. I wanted to be as organized as possible so that it was easier for me and the cashier.

When I first went into CVS I noticed it wasn't busy, I was literally the only customer so that helped with my anxiety. I printed my coupons from the CVS machine and got all the coupons I wanted. So I put the extra envelope away. I looked around the store and got everything I wanted, I asked the cashier if it was okay to do 3 transactions and she said it was okay (I know I should have asked sooner). So here's the transactions I did.

Transaction #1 ;

4 bottles of Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner | Sale Price 3/$12
2 Bottles of Pantene Styler | Sale Price 2/$10
1 Bottle of Dawn Dish Soap| Sale Price 99 cents
1 Xtra Laundry Detergent | Sale Price $1.99

Coupons Used ;

$5 off 3 bottles of Pantene Products (mfc from 2/26 P&G)
$1 off one bottle of Pantene Products (mfc from 2/26 P&G)
$1.50 off two bottles of Pantene Styler (mfc from 2/26 P&G)
$2 off 3 Hair Products (CVS Coupon)
25 cents off Dawn Dish Soap (mfc 2/26 P&G)
$1.50 off Laundry (CVS Coupon)
$1 off Xtra (printed from
$5 extra care bucks

Total OOP (Out Of Pocket) ; $13.83
and I received $7 in extra care bucks back for spending $25 (before coupons) on certain items.

Transaction #2

1 Pack of Reese Cups | Sale Price 99 cents
1 Xtra Laundry Detergent | Sale Price $1.99
1 Puffs Tissues | Sale Price 99 cent
1 Crest Pro Health Mouthwash | Sale Price $4.99  

Coupons Used ;

$1 off Xtra Detergent (printed from
25 cents off Puffs (mfc from 2/26 P&G)
25 cents off Puffs (printed from
$1 off Crest Mouthwash (mfc from 2/26 P&G)
I used the $7 extra care bucks from Transaction #1

Total OOP ; 0.56 cents
and I received $2 in extra care bucks for buying the mouth wash

Transaction #3 ;

Xtra Laundry Detergent | Sale Price $1.99

Coupons Used ;

$2 Extra Care Bucks

Total OOP ; 0.14 cents

Haul Photo ; <3 td="">

For Transaction #2 I could have done better, I let extra care bucks go away because I didn't know what to get but next time I will have a filler in my head but in the end I am still happy with my purchases.

Original Price ; $58.91
My OOP ; $14.53
I Saved ; $44.38

So if you're thinking about giving couponing a try, I say go for it. Just do your research and start small. I got 13 items and only spent $14.53 plus the price per item was pretty good for stockpile price in my opinion. If you got the 2/26 Sunday paper and you still have your coupons you can try this deal, just keep in mind if you don't have extra bucks to start with or the CVS coupons your OOP will be higher than mine around $5-$7 which isn't too bad for these products. Hopefully next week I can find more great deals, if so I'll blog about it.

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