Monday, August 1, 2016

Back to School Shopping on a Budget + Free Clothes

It's almost that time of year again, back to school. It's time to start shopping for school clothes and supplies and for some people that's hard to do when you're on a budget. So here are a few tips that might help you when going back to school shopping.

Supplies ;

1. Know what you need ; when I was young and it was time to go back to school my mom would buy the same supplies for me and my siblings. She would stock up on pencils and notebooks but not much else, as I got older she realized most of the items she bought, we didn't really need and then in the long run she would have to spend more money on items she didn't think we would need. She got better at it with the years but around middle school she decided to stop buying so many supplies before school. She got my brother a binder, his 6th grade year, turns out he wasn't allowed to carry it at the school he went to. So after that she would only get us each a note book and some pencils, then the first day of school we would bring home lists of things we really needed.

2. Look for the best deals ; when you're out and about keep an eye on the prices of back to school items, you'll find a lot of stores have tons of inexpensive items. You can even check online for the best deals, whenever I'm about to leave to go to Wal*Mart or Krogers, I always check The Crazy Coupon Lady page. There are other blogs out there you can check out as well to see what stores are having the best deals.

3. Check your community ; If you're really on a budget and can't afford school supplies, look for programs in your city. All cities might not have this but it's worth a shot to check. I know in my city we have churches and community centers that giveaway backpacks full of supplies.

Clothes ;

1. Know your schools dresscode ; always check out the dress code before buying clothes, some schools are stricted than others. My middle school didn't allow jeans with holes in them, most schools don't allow crop tops but some do. You don't want to end up buying tons of clothes your kids can't wear, For girls make sure you know the length of their skirts/dresses/shorts because most schools are strict with how short your clothes can be.

2. Know your kids style ; I remember when my mom would go shopping for me, without me and she always got the ugliest clothes, half the time they would sit in my closet and never get worn because I didn't like them or they didn't fit me. Sometimes it's a hassle to take your children shopping but its always best to know they like the clothes and that they fit them.When you're on a budget you can't afford to buy something they aren't going to wear.

3. Check online ; a lot of online sites have great deals, so be sure to look at items online. Also check online thrift stores, a lot of people send in brand new items and the shops discount the price a lot. You can check eBay, Poshmark, Schoola, Thredup, and Mercari for brand new clothes or even preowned clothes in great condition (if you're okay with that).

When searching on eBay try using the words " NEW" or "NWT" to find new items.
When looking on Poshmark, Mercari, Thredup, or Schoola you can just change the filters to brand new items.


1. Schoola, Get $20 free when you join through this link ; but that's not all, when you create a collection you'll get another $10, then go check your email for a 50% off coupon code that's $60 worth of free clothes! And most of the time shipping is free!

2. Mercari ; mercari is an app so you'll have to download it, for free. Use invite code YYSGQZ for a $2 credit, the best part about Mercari is it's like ebay so it's individual sellers and sometimes they'll take lower than the asking price so don't forget to make offers!

3. Poshmark ; Poshmark is like mercari, so feel free to make offers on items, download the app and use referral code BMSYH for a $5 credit.

4. Thredup ; sign up with this link for a $10 credit, sadly with this one you'll have to pay shipping which is around $6 but it's totally worth it ;

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