Thursday, May 19, 2016

Schoola Review Online Thrifting, + Free $60 Worth of Clothes

Another online thrift store review, because you can never have enough new places to shop.

Let's start with the basics..

Schoola is an online thrift site but it has to be one of my favorite thrifting sites and the reason why is because Schoola is a donation program. So basically 40% of your purchase goes to schools all across the US to help with special programs like art, music, sports, etc.

Now this review is long overdue because I have placed SOOO many orders on Schoola. I browse their shop daily because they add items regularly. Half of my closet has came from, and even a few items from my boyfriends closet, are from Schoola. I also purchase items from Schoola to use for DIY projects so I also pay attention to other sizes.

Let's talk about the pros and the cons.

Pros ;
- Cheap, the prices are very affordable.
- Charity, who doesn't love shopping? But shopping and donating!? Count me in!
- Varity, they have tons of different sizes (girls, boys, women, juniors, and young men) and brands.
- Promos, a lot of the time they have great promo deals, like 50% off or free shipping, read below to get an amazing deal today!

Cons ;
- Shipping, while this isn't a huge problem for me, it can be for other people. Sometimes they get super busy and shipping is delayed.
- Flaws, I'm not sure whether this is a con or pro but always read the description for an item and be aware that most items are preowned so there could be flaws, some flaws can slip by when they are listing items but all you have to do is email them and they will gladly help with any problems with your orders.

Now on to the deals,
join through this link for a $20 credit and FREE SHIPPING, that's over $20 worth of clothes for absolutely FREE! ;
Once you have an account create a "Collection" to get another $10 credit.
Now check your email for a 50% off coupon code.
You can  now get $60 worth of free clothes! Also don't forget to share your referral link to your friends/family to get even more credits. <3 p="">

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