Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rare Brandy Melville Haul from Twice & Poshmark (plus Poshmark Review)

Another haul because I received two packages today, I love the feeling of seeing packages in my mailbox and today was an even more exciting day because I finally got a Brandy Melville dress that I've been looking for forever. 

 So I'll start with the dress I have been dying to have. I absolutely loved this dress the first time I saw it on 

Here is the lookbook image I saw; 

   and here is another look the same user created with the same dress, I love both looks and they both inspired me to look for the dress, especially the one with the lace slip. 

Now on to the next item I got this super cute Brandy Melville moon tank top. I've always liked this tank top but never got it because I wasn't sure if it was worth the price but I had some credit in my twice account so I got it. 

Now on to my Poshmark review, I've had a Poshmark account for awhile now but I never really got on there but I started getting on there to look for Brandy Melville, Victoria's Secret, and H&M items that are on my wishlist but are no longer being sold in stores and I finally stumbled upon the Brandy Melville dress I've been wanting forever. The best part was it was only listed for $15 plus the standard $4.99 shipping price so I got it. This has been my best purchase for this year. 

The girl I purchased it from, shipped it the next day and it arrived in two days! She packaged it really nicely with tissue paper and twine. The dress is in perfect condition and I couldn't ask for a better transaction. The girl has tons of cute items for sale and her prices are super affordable. Here is the link to her poshmark page;
Check it out and be sure to give her a follow incase she adds new items you might like.

I will definitely be checking Poshmark more often, I love that they make sure you receive your items before giving the seller the money to make sure you get your order.

If you're wanting to make a poshmark account you can use my referral code to get $5 worth of credit! BMSYH 

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