Thursday, January 22, 2015

Join ThredUp & Get a $10 Credit / Huge 99 Cents Sale / Online Thrift Shopping / ThredUp Review

When I first heard of  ThredUp, I was super excited because as you all know, I recently found Like Twice and fell in love with it. So I decided to try out ThredUp. ThredUp has a $10 credit for joining just like Twice but ThredUp has so many more options, which is great. 

Before I even got to purchase my mom placed an order.
She ordered 2 pairs of Levi's and a pair of Nike shoes and only paid $25.00 out of her pocket.
One pair of jeans were marked as *small flaw but when her package arrived, I looked at all her items carefully and all was in great pre-owned condition. She's very picky when it comes to her jeans, she loves the mom styled straight leg jeans. So it's pretty hard to find her the style she likes but we saw tons on ThredUp. She liked the site so much, she already placed order number two. 

Now I've already placed three orders but I haven't received any of my orders so far because the holidays. I will include photos of what I've ordered so far and when they get here I will be posting a haul video/lookbook.

Brandy Melville
Gray Bethan Dress 

Listed Price; $10.49
Shipping; $2.99
Credit I had; $10

Paid; $3.48
(Best Deal so Far)


H&M Little Party Tank Top
Listed Price; $4.99

Brandy Melville Skirt
Listed Price; $4.99

Total;  $9.98
Shipping; $3.98
Credit; $10.00
Paid; $3.98


H&M Tribal Skirt;
(Rare, I've been looking for this forever) 
Listed Price; $5.99

   Melville Jean Shorts
(super rare) 
 Listed Price; $5.49 

Bp Scarf
Listed Price; $5.99

Forever 21 Floral Dress
Listed Price; $5.99

Victoria's Secret Pink Yoga Pants
Listed Price; $13.99

Total; $37.45
Shipping; $6.95
Credit; $21.87
Promo Code for 40% Off Saved; $14.98
Paid; $7.55


As you can see they have some really good deals and currently they having a huge 99 cents sale!
I've seen so many rare items on there for great prices. Shipping starts at $2.99 plus 99 cents per additional item added. The credit doesn't cover shipping, so no matter you'll end up paying for shipping. Still a steal for these great items. 

Get a $10 credit by joining here;

*Update 1/22/15 ; Received one of my orders today and love both items. Super cute and the tank said it had flaws but I see non what so ever <3

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