Saturday, March 25, 2017

Walgreens, Family Dollar, & Dollar General Couponing Haul | March 24, 2017

So I went to a few stores today, mostly to use some of my coupons before they expire. I went to Walgreens, Family Dollar, and Dollar General and I'm pretty happy with my purchases.

March 24, 2017 Haul

First I went to Walgreens and this is what I got ;

I ended up doing more than one transaction because I had to check if my coupon would work on the Nivea (it did) and then I decided to get 2 more Niveas and another pack of U-Kotex because after my second transaction a $3 off U-Kotex printed off.

1st Transaction ;
2 Nivea Shaving Foam

2nd Transaction ;
1 Cottonelle
1 Bic Razors
1 U-Kotex Pads

3rd Transaction ;
2 Nivea Shaving Foam
1 U-Kotex Pads

Retail Price ; $39.14
OOP ; $11.51
Saved ; $27.63

Next up I stopped by Family Dollar and got 4 packs of Bic Razors.

Retail Price ; $14.24
OOP Price ; $2.34
Saved ; $12.00

I wanted to use all my Bic coupons before they expired and Family Dollar only had 4 instock so I went to Dollar General

At Dollar General I got ;

2 Boxes of Snuggles Fabric Softener
4 Packs of Bic Razors
1 Pack of Noxzema Razors

Retail Price ; $20.33
OOP ; $4.33
Saved ; $16.00

A pretty good haul in my opinion. This was my first time shopping at Walgreens and my first time couponing at Family Dollar and Dollar General and it went pretty smoothly.

My total savings for the day ;

Retail Price ; $73.71
OOP ; $18.18
Saved ; $55.53

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